The Pontificia Universidad Católica of Valparaíso shares one of the country’s historic challenges, which is to move towards sustainable economic development. To achieve this goal, it is essential that Chile approaches innovation, understood as an engine of transformation and growth for national industry. In this context, both academics and professionals from PUCV have the necessary tools to be a substantive contribution for this process to be successful.

The foundation of the Center was created by the Engineering Faculty of PUCV. The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Engineering Center is to provide the country with a solid experience of applied research, technological development, innovation, and to offer solutions to complex problems through an interdisciplinary approach.

Interdisciplinary Engineering Center PUCV
Interdisciplinary innovations of high impact to businesses, organizations, and society

Interdisciplinarity + Engineering
Interdisciplinary Center of Engineering

The Interdisciplinary Center of Engineering is a space for innovation, research, and training which seeks to address complex problems of the business ecosystem. We perform this task through R&D and innovation. Companies will receive top-level applied knowledge to solve their challenges.

We offer an interdisciplinary approach supported by the soundness and experience of the academic fields by the Engineering Faculty at PUCV and generate concrete solutions for the requirements of each company. This is backed by our team of highly qualified researchers and engineers.

Apart from solving the specific needs of companies, the Interdisciplinary Center of Engineering proposes to establish links that foster innovation and co-creation of knowledge.


The principal objective of CII is to promote and develop interdisciplinary solutions between the university and society, such as with companies, organizations, institutions, and all involved actors.

Analysis and modeling of problems
We have expert teams of personnel to identify and analyze real world problems, effectively integrating all those involved.

Co-creation and execution of innovation projects
We research, develop, and execute innovation projects. We are also experts in external financing and project formulation.

Technological Surveillance
We manage scientific, technological, and market information to identify real opportunities for innovation. We develop intellectual protection strategies and confidentiality agreements.

Continuous Training
We carry out interdisciplinary training on topics relevant to industry advancement and for specific needs we provide customized training. We coordinate with all our faculty at PUCV.

Areas of Research
The Engineering Faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso has nine academic departments all belonging to different fields of engineering. These nine departments currently have 38 research areas.

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